Precision Medicine Innovation Co-Laboratory (PMedIC)


Individual differences in genes and proteins can allow a disease to develop, grow, and spread in one person but not another, and also dictate how individuals respond to treatments. This insight has produced a new discipline—precision medicine—in which doctors integrate multiple measurements on each patient, including their genes, proteins and medical images, to help select prevention and treatment strategies that are tailored to each individual.

Oregon Health & Science University and the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory launched the Precision Medicine Innovation Co-Laboratory (PMedIC) in February 2018. PMedIC aims to generate, interpret, and apply multidimensional patient data such as genetic, proteomic, and metabolic profiles, and integrate this information with imaging and clinical results, to transform precision medicine.

PMedIC has three integrated components: data science, imaging, and 'omics, as shown in the figure below. Each component has its own research partners, leadership, and projects, thus bringing to bear the best minds, capabilities, and instrumentation for each area.

PMedIC will also act as a clearinghouse for researchers, matching them to subject matter experts at both OHSU and PNNL. It will also assist in putting together teams for the development of joint proposals, help investigators identify sources of funding for pilot projects, and offer assistance with proposal management.

New insights from PMedIC's approach will inform clinical trials, leading to more customized treatments and better patient outcomes.

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PMedIC Partnership Pillars

Data Science

Pacific NW Partnership for Data Intensive Biological Science


  • Hackathon/Data Jamboree
  • Webinars
  • White Papers/Publications


Northwest Center for CryoEM


  • Partnerships with PNNL and U of O
  • Advisory Council




  • Joint Appointments
  • Publications
  • Joint Grants
  • Advisory Council


Advisory Committee

  • Dr. Mary Heinricher - Associate Dean for Basic Research in the School of Medicine, OHSU
  • Dr. David Ellison - Director of the Oregon Clinical Translational Research Institute, OHSU
  • Dr. Joe Gray - Director of the Oregon Center for Spatial Systems Biology, OHSU
  • Dr. Peter Barr-Gillespie - Interim Sr. Vice President for Research, OHSU
  • Dr. Malin Young - Deputy Director for Science & Technology, PNNL
  • Dr. Suresh Baskaran - Director of Research Partnerships, PNNL
  • Dr. Bill Pike - Division Director for Advanced Math Computation Division, PNNL
  • Dr. Brian Thrall - Biomedical Sciences Sector Lead, PNNL

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